One-stop platform for retailers & manufacturers or suppliers to connect, go digital!

Konnectbox is a marketplace that bridges the gap between manufacturers, wholesale sellers & retail markets across the globe. Now our customers can get a wide range of products at the lowest prices directly from the sellers. Also, sellers gain access to new and an expanding customer base.

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Traditional and offline supply chain need disruption!

The pandemic has accelerated digital adoption, and consumers are embracing e-commerce. Store-owners are going online as well to meet their needs. And they want an online buying experience devoid of the offline supply chain's complex web of problems:

  • Fragmented supply with different levels of middlemen like brokers, agents, and wholesalers.
  • Limited choice with no differentiated products.
  • Low inventory and low-quality issues
  • Late delivery

The manufacturers and sellers have an opportunity to avoid the middlemen, meet the store-owners needs and expand their business!

The potential of the digital retail

Despite digital commerce growing faster than the rest of the economy, only about 3 percent of global commerce happens online today.

Digital retailers can build a store online, accept payments online, market their products online and sell online, yet retailers depend on the latency of the physical word to Discover differentiated products, amongst a byzantine web of intermediaries, navigating multiple catalogues from different geographies, the lack of a digital unified way of procurement for digital stores is a barrier to entry and growth for digital retailers.

Removing the barriers for digital retailers helps more new digital retailers get started, expedites growth for existing digitally native retailers, and increases value.

Our reach

Accelerate your international expansion. Accept orders from customers around the world (More than 100+ countries).

United States
New Zealand
United Kingdom

A marketplace where retailers & manufacturers or suppliers from around the globe connect!

With Konnectbox our customers; resellers, retailers or store-owners can discover and procure differentiated products from manufacturers, wholesale sellers worldwide in one place. The sellers can directly sell their products without any middlemen and even expand to global customers.

Konnectbox is your payment and logistics partner as well, making sure you grow your business with ease.

Key Features

Bulk orders and repeat business

No hassle of returns

Fast payment cycle of 7 days

Go from local to global with ease

We Create Impactful Business

Discover Unique Products
for your store.

The more you discover, the better recommendations
you'll get across numerous products categories.


We help you find best products from manufacturers
around the world and fill your inventory with them.

Our konnectbox QC assures
you the best.

We granularly filter product by various parameters which
ensures our customer's satisfaction.

The Company & Team

A lot of innovation comes from people who are closest to a problem. Our co-founder Karan was retailing DTC through eBay in the USA. But soon, he faced roadblocks with changes in eBay policies. So he reached out to Sameehanay, who was in the business of financing inventory, for help.

Fragmented markets and the problems of a traditional supply chain led Karan and Sameehanay to identify a bigger problem statement in the world of B2B retail. Existing mechanisms left businesses with limited choices for which they had to 'compete away' their margins.

Konnectbox was born out of the need to bridge this gap and empower the B2B supply chain with technology.