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Who are we?

We are a team of people who are different from each other, however we all believe in change and in the products we build, we aim to bring people together to be part of change.

we are different as individuals, we know misfits like us are revolutionizing retail, we are building a product so the people who may get sidelined by revolution, become a part of it and reap the benefits.

Our mission is to accelerate the world's transition to digital retail.

Konnectbox was founded with the mission to accelerate the world's transition to digital retail by empowering manufacturers and retailers with a cohesive platform. It is a marketplace where retailers can find unique products by manufacturers and sellers at great prices for their customers. In addition, the platform reduces roadblocks of the traditional supply chain by conducting quality checks of listing, providing logistic services to remotest locations, and a quick payment cycle.

Konnectbox's vision is to be the most retailer-centric procurement partner.

Our values make us stand out

They are our guiding principles and fundamental beliefs that bring us together as a team and align us to a common goal. Our values are crucial to the culture we strive to foster at Konnectbox.


We are in an extremely fast-paced and dynamic business. So for us, productivity is a priority.

Thinking Big

If the extent of your ideas doesn't scare you, you are not dreaming big enough. It is better to try and fail rather than not try at all.

Feedback is our holy grail

It is only through feedback that we can improve and grow. Therefore, proactively seek feedback and reflect on it critically.

First Principles

We arrive at the answers by asking the right questions. We believe in reasoning from first principles and building solutions from the bottom up.

Data is our Truth

The opposite of anecdote is data! Data is our north star for decision-making.

Bias for action.

If perfection is your standard, eternity is your delivery date. The one bias that makes sense to have is that of action over contemplation.

At Konnectbox, we believe that a great origin story transcends all borders.

A lot of innovation comes from people who are closest to a problem. Our co-founder Karan was retailing DTC through eBay. His customers were in the USA while dropshipping was done from China. His business was flourishing until eBay changed policies that prohibited retailers from selling products without maintaining inventory.

Karan (along with other retailers that ran a similar inventory-free model) approached his friend Sameehanay who was in the business of financing inventory. Unfortunately, the next step of procurement and purchase turned out to be even more challenging.

Fragmented markets and the problems of a traditional supply chain led Karan and Sameehanay to identify a bigger problem statement in the world of B2B retail. Existing mechanisms left businesses with limited choices for which they had to 'compete away' their margins.

Konnectbox was born out of the need to bridge this gap and empower the B2B supply chain with technology.

Meet the Team!

Our founding team has a collective experience of 15+ years in the field of DTC retail and e-commerce.

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Sanjay Jain

Entrepreneur, built export business, built cross border trade business across the world.

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Sameehanay Jahagirdar

Entrepreneur, built a Fintech, building Konnectbox now.

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Karan Duggad

Entrepreneur, Built multiple DTC stores, built an Ecom aggregator app.

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Rahil Vijay

10+ yrs experience in ecommerce and Supply Chain, from IIT and built companies like Meesho, Porter. Leading the business, supply and operations.

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Akkireddy Prakash

Championed many startups bring their vision, business & design strategy with products & services. All things design, from idea to final platform enabler. From NID

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Gaurav Katheria

All things tech, more than a decade experineced, built products and enabled them in scaling. Brings the legacy of IIT. Making konnectbox smooth and fast with tech.

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Ajinkya Kulkarni

Talent acquisition is what he does best and you see best experts working in konnectbox is because of him. Brings the human side to team. From IIT

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Arya Nair

With experince of international and domestic, brings best to the bussiness development. Konnects well with all stakeholders & communications in clear flow.

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Sitakanta Guin

Guy responsible for what you’ll see and interact with on mobile and computers of our soon to be launched App.

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Uday Bagari

Brings the flow to all screens, UX/UI Designer-NID, helps in your good experience with konnectbox platform.

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Vinit Prakash

He have 8yrs experience in B2b E-commerce sector. Besides active with his team on field procurement very efficient.

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Snehil Vaidh

Manages product categories, keeps the inventory flowing with wide variety and seamless update. Making product discovery a joy.